I came to Can-Weld knowing absolutely nothing about welding. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute I was there. The instructors were really great offering lots of input on how to improve, as well as being great people all around. The school is clean and well maintained with a relaxed, but professional atmosphere. I left Can-Weld certified in all position stick welding, two positions in flux core welding, and a T.S.S.A.certification for pipe welding.

The experience there has given me the confidence and ability to try a new and exciting career in welding. I highly recommend it.

Rob McTaggart
Rob is Currently working in a local welding shop.

"I have been a student at Can-Weld Training and Testing Centre for a period of eight months now and have had one of the best learning experiences of my life. The instructors are very dedicated to their students and teaching them everything about welding and the trades that welding involves. Whether it is pipe fitter, ironworker, or boilermaker."

"The instructors were very pleasant and the school was very clean and well ventilated. I really enjoyed the hands on experience I received during the blueprint course that they offer. The whole course was worth it and I would recommend Can-Weld to anyone interested in starting a career in welding."

  Leona Landry
Lee is the 1st female member of Ironworkers Local # 700 as a welder apprentice. Way to go, Lee. Spring 2008, Lee has completed her apprenticeship and is now a qualified journeyperson for the ironworkers.


"I previously attended the school of CAN-WELD and finished the course laid out for me with flying colors. The staff of CAN-WELD TRAINING & TESTING CENTRE are very helpful to any person learning the art of welding. They have all the new procedure's for the different welding applications that are needed to enter
the welding field.

The CAN-WELD TRAINING & TESTING CENTRE will tailor the course to your needs and experience. I would strongly recommend the school of Mr. J. Aresneault and staff over any of the other schools in the area of Sarnia because of the experience of the instructors training the students."

Mark Bouffard
Mark is now a member of Pipe fitters Local # 663 as a pipe welder. Congratulations Mark!

"I attended Can-Weld for six months. Every morning I was greeted by happy and energetic staff, eager to get the day under way. Now when I started at Can-Weld, I had no idea what I was doing. I was green as green could be. When times got frustrating, the instructors took me under their wings, calmed me down, and showed me a couple of different ways to try fixing what was going wrong…and it always worked! I think that is what I liked most about the time that I spent at Can-Weld, the time and patience the staff spent with me as an individual, one-on-one. Making sure I felt confident and ready for each test. I am now a fully ticketed welder, with many skills that I did not have when I walked in the door, but now have as I walk out the door. Thank-you to all Can-Weld staff for all your support, guidance, and patience."

Matt Shrumm


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